Are Drugs And Alcohol A Problem? We Have The Solution.


Transitional Living Centers For Adults In Recovery

Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association (5A) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

We are self-supporting through client fees and private donations.

We are not funded by any outside organization.

In 46 years of being in service over 50,000 men and women have called 5A “home”.


Framework & Guidance

We provide a solid ground upon which newly sober alcoholics and addicts can adopt a manner of living conducive to maintaining permanent sobriety now and in the future.

Supportive Community

Clients are the purpose of our work and we support them in every step of their journey. We offer over 50 on site 12-step meetings weekly and our reputation precedes us globally as a leader in recovery.

Affordable Living

We make sure that our clients are equipped with the basic necessities to start their new life. We provide all clients with housing, meals, and transportation to and from meetings.

Who We Are

Hope House, The Solution and Craig Shell’s The New Solution are transitional living centers for recovering adult addicts and alcoholics who are willing to recover by working a 12-step program of their choice. The culture created in our sober residential settings provide a safe, proving ground, which gives clients the ability to practice independent living skills while incorporating the 12-steps into their lives. Our policies make it impossible for clients to live here without working a 12-step program in its entirety. As a prospective client of 5A, the main question to ask oneself is:

Am I willing to go to any lengths to stay sober?

What do we provide?

We offer
The culture
Our clients
We provide
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After Inpatient Care
As An Alternative For Inpatient Treatment


  • Brooke M.

    When I first checked into the The New Solution, I was broken. There’s really no other way to put it.

    After years of active addiction, numerous trips to jails and hospitals, and several different periods of homelessness I was tired, and quite frankly, didn’t believe I deserved another chance at recovery. I was unemployable, sick, and tired, and I hated everyone, especially myself.

    Once there I began learning tools that I hadn’t used in years (if ever). I began to appreciate the structure and accountability, and I knew in my heart that the staff there genuinely cared about me, even if I didn’t. I began the process of cleaning up the wreckage of my past, and the beautiful thing was that I didn’t have to do that alone. Staff and fellow clients supported me every step of the way. I began to change some of the behaviors that I had carried with me through years of active addiction. I began to care for others, and I learned that I didn’t have to do this alone, it was okay to accept and ask for help. I got involved in 12 step recovery and began to realize that I DID deserve the gift of recovery.

    Even now, after being out of The New Solution for a couple of years, this is the place that I go to when I’m having a rough day. It’s still the place I call home…and words can’t express how grateful I am for The New Solution, the staff, and 5A as a whole for giving me my life back.

  • Jerome W.

    I checked into The Solution, May 29th of 2014 broken, lost, and with nowhere else to go. I followed the simple rules set down. I got a sponsor and a home group and worked the steps to the best of my abilities and my life changed drastically. I can honestly say that I live a blessed life today. 5A will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • Lisa R.

    The Solution… a life changing experience in recovery, a thorough 12-Step program. What they offer is a serious program of recovery that absolutely works when applied. It is a foundation, a home where you are expected to be accountable, without excuses. When you are not, there are consequences for you to address. It brings you from a beaten, broken state of being and hands you hope. Real hope. It teaches you invaluable life skills to move forward, of course, once you are ready. There are 37 in-house meetings weekly, as well as 11 outside van meetings offered.

    The Solution is a safe, clean home. A chance at a new life. The kitchen that is available and the meals that are prepared by our loving talented staff are quite unbelieveable. These are things offered. What you will find is a beautiful family unit. A team. This house is in order. We don’t do drama and we don’t do fights, verbal or physical. It is unacceptable. The office is a place to bring your concerns. Tommy Troy, Abby and Caleb will sit with you and whole-heartedly help you find a solution. They never give up on you, provided you are willing and sincere about your efforts. The amount of people who have successfully completed The Solution, continue to come back and sponsor and stay plugged in here is astonishing. Miracles happen at The Solution… everyday.

  • Martin S.

    Let me start by saying “awesome”. The Solution is where I received my foundation in my recovery. I am grateful that The Solution taught me how to do the little things in life. I am now beginning how to be a better man and person. Thank you 5A.
  • Miguel P.

    I have nothing but great things to say about The Solution. It didn’t just allow me to grow as an individual, it also saved my life and showed me the tools I needed to be a productive member of society. When all doors were shut, theirs were open to an ex gang member, ex felon with only a desire to change his life. They truly gave me the second chance at life I was yearning for. I love this place.
  • Vanessa M.

    The New Solution has changed my life. Before I came to The New Solution, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stay sober. I could only put together a couple of weeks or a month of sobriety before relapsing over and over again. This place has taught me a new way of life. I have learned tools to use in everyday life. I have learned to be accountable and responsible for my actions. I never though it would work and slowly but surely I started to understand how sobriety works and I started to change for the better. This is a wonderful place. The staff is amazing and has helped me more than they know. Today, I have hope. It is possible. I’m a miracle. I will forever be grateful. This place can change your life if you let it.


Our Team

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Caleb Abeloe
The Solution Manager

Living life trapped in the grips of addiction was all I knew. Being homeless, jobless and spiritually bankrupt I needed hope. I was told of a place called The Solution. I found what I was looking for… An opportunity to change everything about myself. The Solution gave me that opportunity; and for that I will be forever grateful. There is no better place for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

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Gerry Jamieson
Hope House Manager

”After 25 years of being a functioning alcoholic/addict, I was at the ‘jumping off point’.

Hope House saved my life!

We are set up here to work with clients who do not have the normal ‘up front’ move-in costs. The only requirement is a good attitude and willingness.”

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John Falconburg
The New Solution Manager

“Alcohol and drugs had made living impossible. 5A provided the safe, structured, sober environment that I needed to actively work a 12-step program. My life has changed for the better. I am forever grateful. ”

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Joseph Maes
Executive Director

Joseph has been with associated with 5A for over 15 years as a client at The Solution, supporter and current Executive Director. “I have a firm understanding of 5A’s mission. We have the distinct role of providing a safe living environment where motivated, newly sober men & women acquire the necessary tools to lead sober, happy, useful lives. We have a time-tested, proven model. 5A has provided an environment for me and countless others to receive the gift of sobriety.”

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Estil Wallace

Estil Wallace has been involved with 5A for over 9 years.

He began his journey in recovery at The Solution in 2004. In 2008 he joined the Board of Directors and in 2010 he took on the role of President of the Board.

Over the last decade Estil has worked closely with countless men living on our properties and plays a vital role in their recovery and in our organization.

Are You Willing To Go To Any Length To Get SOBER?


Alcoholism & Addiction Assistance Association (5A) specializes in providing a solid ground upon which newly sober addicts and alcoholics can adopt a manner of living conducive to maintaining permanent sobriety.

The end result is a common solution to a common problem that caters to each person’s individual needs.


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