Who Are We?


Hope House and Craig Shell’s The New Solution are transitional living centers for recovering adult addicts and alcoholics who are willing to recover by working a 12-step program of their choice. The culture created in our sober residential settings provide a safe, proving ground, which gives clients the ability to practice independent living skills while incorporating the 12-steps into their lives. Our policies make it impossible for clients to live here without working a 12-step program in its entirety. As a prospective client of 5A, the main question to ask oneself is:

"Am I willing to go to any lengths to stay sober?"


What do we provide?

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We Offer

We offer the least restrictive environment possible and wish to take only clients that can handle the responsibility that comes with this degree of freedom. Occasionally we may have clients that require additional help, which we refer to outside sources.

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The culture

The culture created in our residential setting provides a safe, sober environment allowing clients the ability to practice independent living skills while incorporating the 12 steps into their lives.

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our clients

Our clients are required to attend a 12-step daily; 4 of those meetings each week must be outside meetings. Clients are required to get a sponsor and actively work a 12-step program, get a home group and service commitment and do a daily chore. There is a mandatory house meeting every Sunday at 8:00 am.

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We Provide

We provide transportation to outside meetings in addition to hosting many here in our facilities. Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous and Crystal Meth Anonymous are all represented. There is never a valid reason why a client cannot get to a meeting or find a good sponsor. If finding a sponsor is difficult we will find one for them.

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We differ from many other facilities in that a resident’s personal commitment to recovery dictates what privileges and freedoms they have. Clients that are more secure in their sobriety can transition relatively quickly into a normal living routine. Those less grounded are afforded the opportunity to stabilize before having to add the pressures of increased responsibility and less structure.

Clients in need of extended care in a clean, safe, sober, environment will find our facilities indispensable in achieving and maintaining permanent sobriety. This provides a unique continuum of care for those who have had difficulty in achieving sobriety in the past. There is no time limit on a client’s residency.

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After inpatient care

Our facilities are often the next best step in the recovery process for the alcoholic and addict who has completed some phase of inpatient treatment for substance abuse. We provide a “lab for living” where coping skills and behaviors can be tried and tested as clients integrate 12-step principles into their lives.


People who do not require acute detoxification or constant medical monitoring often choose the less restrictive environment we offer as an alternative to inpatient programs. This freedom provides a culture that is more conducive to sobriety and personal responsibility.